Sunday, December 11, 2005

You can put it in the win column!

Well, it was an emotional victory, even though the score was 1-0 for them versus us. AmazingGoalieBoy held Goliath to one goal over 58 minutes. Everyone says he couldn't have stopped the beauty of a top shelf shot that skimmed his shoulder on its way to the back of the net. And his team in the remaining 2 minutes couldn't find anything closer than the outside of the post.

Everyone says he was incredible, unbelievable, amazing. The other team's coach complimented him. The entire hockey grapevine is buzzing with the wonder that the other team (who scored 9, 13, 11 and 14 goals against their last four opponents while allowing only 2) were held scoreless for almost the entire game. Hmmm, I say. God still performs miracles. And he still uses under-estimated young men to wow the world.

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