Saturday, January 28, 2006

Parent - Teen Conflict

I've heard about it. I saw several of my brothers go through it. I experienced it with my parents. I wondered if it would show up at my house. It did.

It is as frustrating and baffling as anything I have ever encountered. Until now, I had no reference point at all for the mush-brained antics of pubescent ones. Even though my eyes have seen it and my ears have heard it, I am still having trouble believing what I'm hearing come out of the mouth of my darling only child. Logic? Gone. Accountability? "WhadidIdo?" Good sense? Flown the coop. Respect? No concept.

When "Mom" becomes a three syllable word, you know there's trouble. My fear is I am reaping what I've sown. Maybe it's just his need for independence rearing its ugly head a little too early. And here I was just telling someone about how good a kid he's been overall.

No wonder my parents were on their knees so much. That is an example I will follow.

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