Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Tribute to LeAnn

Dear LeAnn,

I hear you may be going away and I want to say how much I will miss you and let you know what I have appreciated about you and tell you how much you have meant in my life

I appreciate so much your work ethic. I always remember you as hard working, getting things done, helping others, helping Bob, taking care of your children and your home. The brief times we have been together, you put out lovely meals which you always downplayed but were amazing to me. I still make fabulous “BBQ Beef” from the “simple” recipe you taught me.

I appreciate your musical ability. Your amazing piano playing and accompaniment has been a blessing to me and God has used your music as a blessing in my life and in the life of your family and your church.

I remember hearing you sing in a service before you were married and even the song leader commented on the beautiful “high tenor” he was hearing – it was from you - you have a wonderful ability to harmonize.

I appreciate your sense of humor and your comments that reflect a practical view of life.

I appreciate that you like to keep life simple, yet you were gifted with practical skills like sewing and decorative skills like cross stitch. One of the most beautiful crafts I have ever seen was a cross stitch you made for mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. That always hung on the wall in their room, it was very special to them and I searched the country to find the same one which I made for my husband’s parents.

I admire your perseverance. I never heard you brag. I never saw you wallow in the negative things that came your way. You ministered to and cared for your mother in her time of need. You bravely and quietly soldiered through the great losses you experienced in childbearing. I never heard you complain about pain, even when you were in the midst of it.

I love the children you have raised. I admire their temperaments and their gifts. Each one with a ready smile. Each one with a tender heart and a great sense of humor. You taught each one how to love. Dan has your musical gift on the piano. He takes effort in getting to know people individually and does not discount spending time with his younger cousins. Deb is raising another generation in humor and in faith – she has your ability to teach her children how to love and leads by example in her love for God and God’s work. Ted is a strong man of God who exhibits faithfulness, integrity and responsibility in his work, his service and in his role as a husband.

The testimony of faithfulness in how you live is a rich legacy. You have been faithful to love Bob and serve God with him in submission and willingness. You are a rich treasure over whom Heaven rejoices.

I am glad I have known you and I am far richer for the experience.

Your sister-in-LOVE, J

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