Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All of heaven prayed

or at least worked really hard at making sure that everything turned out well this past weekend.

In spite of worrying that the Other team in the hotel would mug one of our boys in a dark hallway, we hardly saw them.

In spite of one or two parents who complained about How Bad The Roads Can Get, the weather was clear and the Roads were "fair" (mostly clear except for a little wetness and sand) which is about as good as the road between here and there ever gets in the winter.

In spite of a lengthly debate (and at times, arguement) back in November between the parents about whether a BC "A" League tournament would be too difficult for our poor children and would they have any fun at all or would it be a humiliating blowout and we'd all have a horrible time, we walked away from the tournament with the championship trophy and an undefeated record. Out of 8 teams, including 5 from our own MHAC division in Calgary, we were #1.

It was hard fought, competitive play. Only one suspension resulted and it was (finally) not deserved. Both goalies delivered spectacular net minding. A was named MVP for the final championship game.

The proud parents are now resting comfortably at home.

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