Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Is 13 too young to date?

That's really a rhetorical question. But, A wants to "get together" with a female friend from school, so I set up a chance for him to go to the Relient K concert and take her along. Logistically, it's a nightmare. It's at the U of C, it's general admission, standing room only, three bands, a school night, she has martial arts beforehand so they will arrive an hour after the doors open and I have another event I should be at.

I don't know what order the bands are performing. I've no idea what the crowd will be like, or what the age group will be. (not old). If I go as chaperone, would I be the only 40 something there? (not that it would bother ME).

If he was your kid, would you let him go unchaperoned?

Stay tuned.

At least her mom insists on meeting A first. That's a good sign.

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