Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Winning Streak

A's team is undefeated in 11 games. 9 wins, 2 ties.

A took a girl to the Relient K concert tonight. Dad went as chaperone - his co-worker was taking his daughter and said it would be nice to connect there. I went to life group instead, we are planning "pay it forward" exercise for a single mom - cleaning and repairing her home... this weekend.

I had no idea letting my child grow up would bring me into a grieving process - that touches some very deep dark recesses in my psyche that are better left unpublished. Suffice it to say that every first experience with a first child quickly melts into the last experience of an only child.

I want to keep my focus on helping him develop his character, not on meeting my own need to be viewed as a good parent.


  1. reminds me of a line from a poem - "and always, the letting go". You'll weather it, sweetie.

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