Thursday, April 20, 2006

Anger Management

For days when I raise my voice to my son... The Greatest Test

What I say is valid, what he hears is loud and punishing. If anger is driven primarily by fear, it is my fear of failure as a parent, my fear that my child will be a failure because of me. Is that not based in unbelief? "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." [1]

He got an amazing haircut today. From long and shaggy to handsome blue eyes. I made the appointment partly as discipline for some less than marginal attitudes. He sure protested. Tried several manipulations to get out of it. Huffed and puffed. Grunted. Then he chose a clean cut over just a trim of the long locks. I was so relieved, I sprang for adding highlights. I have done a double take every time I looked at him today. He looks like a different person - very handsome - like his dad.

Lord, make his heart handsome in your eyes.

Each bobble or mistake or outright crash and burn I experience in my parenting needs to be filed away in the hands of my Saviour. As do my successes. For they are not mine, but His. He is the Owner and I am but the manager, the steward. I need to follow His lead.

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  1. Learning to not only choose our battles with our children, but our words is so true! I am reminded they are our Lord's gift to us-- sometimes hard to remember when they are acting out in disrespect.Your honesty, Joyce, is truly refreshing!