Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Contested Entry

B has a thing about home lotteries. He always likes to buy a ticket. I was raised by parents who never spent an unnecessary penny. I think buying a lottery ticket is pretty much like taking a bill out of your pocket and setting it on fire.

It's not that I'm immune to the entrancing appeal - the dream of what could be. "Somebody has to win it, right? You can't win if you don't buy a ticket!" My impulsive side giggles.

"Lust of the eye and the pride of life" my logical voice frowns. "Odds are you get nothing."

Oh, but it is going to a good cause - to raise money for hospitals. We really don't have a standardized health care system if we all have to burn money to help hospitals provide the equipment they so desperately need to save our lives!

My very dear friend M just won a truck and 5th wheel trailer in a local lottery. Another friend won a Rav4 from Timmy Ho's rrrrrolling cup. M says it's my turn. I sort of thought that came during B's salary review. My life is so blessed, I can't see how winning a ridiculously over priced monster home would really fill any lack, other than my need to not have to clean the one I currently occupy.

I guess B wouldn't buy the ticket if I said no way, but that's not really my call. If he bought the ticket and won some big prize, I would see it for what it is: a good gift from the Father of Light and seek to use it as a good steward.

Then again, maybe we should just give the $100 to our local church and use our current material blessings more effectively.

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