Monday, April 10, 2006

Helping Distracted Students

Well, student, singular. Today I got the dreaded e-mail. "A is missing some assignments...." The term is over on Wednesday. The grade is sub-par.

A says he's done them. I clarify. He thinks he's done most of them. Their location? In my binder. At school. (read: NOT in the teacher's hands). comment on term 2 report: "A does well on those assignments he remembers to hand in."

An emergency early arrival at school is scheduled for locker cleanout and Easter bunny hunt for science assignments. A request for parent-teacher-student meeting has been made - by me. Perhaps the tortoise and the hare appropriately reflect slow'n'steady vs. A.D.D.boy.

The beauty of the evening was, for just a few moments, the 13goingon30 really needed his mom. I apologized for not walking alongside more and leaving him to sink or swim alone without checking whether he really was afloat. I did not absolve him, but it was clear he had no idea how to change the situation, so I promised to help him as best I can and walk alongside and check more often.

We ended the evening by reading two more chapters as he opted to give up listening to the ipod in favor of snuggling in beside me for an extra chapter.

Don't you just love books?

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