Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Keeping In Step - Part 2

I have been learning about extending grace to others. Especially where God has not yet convicted them of something that bothers me. If keeping in step with the Spirit is like walking on a treadmill, then allowing others to walk on their treadmills at their own pace in God's power is pretty cool.

Some days I can't go very fast. When I started I was very slow. Some of my friends run very fast. Some of those I know barely move. The beauty is, when we are all keeping in step with the Spirit at the pace he has set for each individual, we can still walk side by side.

* * * * *

Another blog prompted this post, but the content was already in my head. On further reflection of a recent conversation, I never intentionally try to drop hints. If any reader wonders if my words are directed at them, they aren't. Perhaps the spirit is quickening his pace in some area of your life that you've already been thinking about and all of that really probably has nothing at all to do with me. :-)

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