Monday, April 17, 2006


My son had a four day weekend. It's Sunday night in the wee hours and I can't remember what we did Thursday.

In the evening I took him and his best friend to the Flames last regular home game of the season. We had purchased the tickets in the "cheap seats" early in the season just because we wanted to be at the "last" home game and it wasn't our turn on the season tickets we share. Brent was sick so he stayed home and watched it on pay per view (his Christmas present from me - all the Flames games not otherwised televised). Flames won, clinching top spot in the northwest division. :-)

Friday we cleaned, laundered, shopped for groceries, prepared to entertain friends after the Good Friday service. The service was lovely, a walk through a seder meal with explanations of how Christ fulfilled the symbolism and prophecy related to the Jewish Passover. The entertaining of friends was also enjoyable with food, games and laughter.

Saturday sleep in, shopping for new everyday dishes and glasses, preparing dinner for company. We're only on our second set of dishes in 25 years of marriage - gotta love Corelle dinnerware. It will grace landfills for all of eternity. I also purchased a couple more wardrobe items in my new size.

Dinner was enjoyable, I frittered around far too long with making the dessert, eating up precious time but producing an eye pleasing "sunburst" with molded jello and strawberries. The roast was not tender at all and I realized how completely out of practice I am with dinner parties. I'm still too much of a perfectionist at heart, kicking myself for what I "should have" done better. I have to set that aside and appreciate that our goal of reconnecting with old friends was successfully met. Even our boys are the same age and got along very well.

Sunday morning dawned bright and warm, just as I remember the best Easter mornings have been. I wore a new spring dress, just as I alway hope to be able to do on Easter. The music at church was huge and inspirational, nearly transcendent in its exuberant worship. How music on Easter Sunday sounds when all is well in my world. Alleluia! Christ the Lord is risen today! The beauty was unsurpassed. The wonder of the cross and the power of the resurrection is my hope and future.

From the sublime to the ridiculous... We spent the afternoon at Theatre Calgary watching a broadway style musical, "Guys and Dolls" because A has been cast in one of the singing roles in his Jr. High School version of the same musical. TC's version was very well done. A little risque in spots (likely the Jr. High won't include the same costuming and dance numbers) but overall, a highly entertaining and musically satisfying event.

We reverted back to the sublime by ending our evening viewing "The Passion." Tears and immense appreciation for the love, sacrifice and willingness of my Savior. Words fail me.

"For the joy set before him, he endured the cross, despising its shame..."

What was the joy set before Him?

It was you.

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