Sunday, May 14, 2006

Eating and the Emotional Center

The thing about maintenance is all the work it takes. Get thrown into a bus with 48 13-14 year olds and their musical instruments and be force fed for three days and any weight maintenance program takes a hit or two or a pound or three.

What is it with University cafeterias that seems to produce only carbs and fat-based foods? The only saving grace was the apple or orange in the bag lunch.

"Give me whole foods or give me death!" (I'm sure the quote goes something like that).

My emotional center was affected though. Carbs do that to me. What used to taste like a great big hug now becomes a strangle. I get agitated, irritable. And I crave more carbs. What is with THAT?!!!

So the Ever Enduring Husband listened patiently as I told him all the trivia that really didn't matter that was upsetting me on such a gloriously beautiful mother's day. I processed it all verbally and didn't blame anyone. (I've a hunch that exercise in self-control burned a few hundred calories.)

And the Artist-Athlete son took my scolding in stride and listened to the content instead of the anger and hugged me when I grovelled back with yet another apology for grouch-based parenting.


Yet another day to remind me I must not try to do this on my own.

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