Monday, May 29, 2006

Hike #2: Wildcat Hills

Wildcat Hills is 10-15 km north of Cochrane. As it is on private ranchland and adjoins the Wildcat Hills Compressor Station, permission is required to access the trail.

The terrain includes fine fescue grasslands, grazing pasture, rolling hills with several good inclines, a forested area and a lovely ridge with views overlooking the Ghost Reservoir to the south, the city skyline in the far distance to the east and the Bow Valley corridor and Rocky Mountains to the west. Flowers are abundant. The distance is between 8-10 km, the elevation is not known, but it is not difficult. It took around 3.5 hours with lunch.

Ten women took part Thursday. I enjoyed the opportunity to get re-acquainted with old friends, meet new people, swap stories and enjoy God's great creation. My friend "P" grimaced at the abandoned Llama skeleton.

View from the ridge back toward Ghost Reservoir.

Hiking in the woods.

Flowers were abundant. Even dandelions seemed beautiful. If you know the names of these flowers, please comment.

Many different trees of interest.

The final ascent and the last breathtaking view from the top.


  1. The purple flower is the Shooting Star of the Primrose family. The blue flower is Early Blue Violet.


  2. Thanks Kendy! I'll have to dig out my Alberta flowers book for next time!