Friday, May 05, 2006

Of Boys and Busses

The world sounds different when my son takes the bus.
It's his first day.
Oh, I know that's usually September, but...
I needed something that would get me out of bed


all year

so I took him to school.

Now, hiking will be getting me out of bed well before his school start time
on certain days
and what was I to do about my motherly chauffering duties?

The bus.
The yellow with black lettering stinger.
Painted with a color that has a forgotten title
and can't be used on any other vehicle...
(so says my son)
The one full of Others.

So anxious to ride it, he was.
It was motivational discipline to NOT let him
when I needed him to make sure his agenda was completed.
homework handed in.
teachers signed.

but the worst part

our Connection Time
is gone.
10 treasured minutes, each way.
just the two of us.
no Others.

must find another way, time, place

perhaps the neglected "read before bed together"
should be resurrected.

oh, I am picking him up after school today.
just to make sure the agenda is signed....

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