Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Speaking of Speaking

"Would you be willing talk at our wind up brunch?" The leader of the church women's group approached me six weeks ago. "Just talk about what you're learning."

Ironic. Just that morning I had felt the need to return to school and apologize to my son for being such a grouch. I resisted but eventually wrestled myself into the humbling attitude that was more befitting of my desire to reflect Jesus. My son took it in stride. I drove on to my meeting, kicking myself for letting things get to the point where my behaviour required an apology.

So, the tears started surfacing as the leader posed her question. She couldn't have had any idea how reaffirming her request was in light of my obedience to God's voice that morning. It was as if God whispered "After obedience comes blessing."

So I spoke this week. It took a long time to prepare. I went through about eight different drafts, heading a dozen different directions before I came back to what I had thought of speaking about that very day she asked: Keeping in step with the Spirit.

If you are interested, you may read the transcript of it here.


  1. Dear Joyce
    That was a wonderful talk on "keeping step with the Spirit" - I only wish I had been there to hear you.That quote of EE's is the one thing that kept me going when my 5 children were small and life felt chaotic.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - it's nice to have a Canadian drop in :)

  2. I have a dear friend who lives in PEI now, I like to think of her as I read your stories.