Saturday, May 06, 2006

What a Faux pas, solecism, gaffe, slip up, etc.

1. A nonstandard usage or grammatical construction. (not applicable here)
2. A violation of etiquette. (major description of me today)
3. An impropriety, mistake, or incongruity. (ditto)

How many other synonyms are there for "stupid mistake"????!

It was my husband's birthday today. I never forget birthdays. I didn't forget his either. I warned him I had a training session in the evening so we would go to brunch to celebrate on Sunday. I privately arranged without his knowledge for three couples - most of our closest friends - to join us and come back to the house after for cake.

But . . . I forgot to buy a present.

Oh, sure, we were sidetracked shopping for trailers, but that's really no excuse. It's not like I didn't know it was coming for 364 days. Besides, when he's forgotten my birthday in the past, he's heard no end of it.

We both got a taste of our own medicine. Both of us gagged.

So, all day I thought about how to try to soften the mistake with a "make up" gift. After my training was over, the only store open was Superstore. Better that than nothing. They have gift items. So I bought a few things and printed lovely little accompanying cards to go with each one and will present it to him in a few moments when the movie he is watching has ended. I wanted each one to represent my promise and/or commitment to do something different, better, more helpful in the future. Here is what the items were and the text of the commitment cards:

This lunch bag holds my commitment :
To fill it with a healthy lunch, daily,
To nourish your body at work

This car key represents my commitment :
To not criticize your driving

This leash symbolizes my commitment:
To walk the dog each night
(I had insisted he do it - I'm relieving him of that duty)

These workout clothes are my commitment:
To staying active with you
And maintaining a healthy body

These water shoes represent my commitment:
To stop expecting you to walk on water
And my commitment to loving you more each day

I filled the lunch bag with his favorite candy (sweetarts, cadbury chocolate, macaroons) and topped everything off with a great birthday card and prayed he'll forgive me.

This also represents my commitment to never bugging him about forgetting ever again.

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