Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Heart for God

A came to me and said "You HAVE to hear this song from Audio Adrenaline. It is SO good. Go to itunes and listen to it. The words are great. It's probably my favorite quiet song right now."

Most of A's music style choice is generally alternative, metal or rock. I've limited him to Christian lyrics/bands or screened the lyrics of songs individually purchased from itunes.

I pulled up "Pierced" (legally* imported to our itunes from a puchased CD) and listened to the lyrics. I smiled when it got to the bridge and he said "This is the best part." It was a quote from a hymn - one which A would not have had much opportunity to hear as our church primarily features contemporary music.

Never criticize any method or musical style God might use to speak to the heart of another.

*If you are obtaining your music in any way which involves copying, downloading or burning in a manner that avoids personally paying for the privilege, you are a thief.

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