Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hockey Tourney Update 1

AmazingGoalieBoy was in net for the first game and first win of the tourney. We won 5-3. We also won the "fun" shootout after the game by the same score. The boys got free pizza as a prize.

The second game was a 4-3 loss. AGB was not in net. We won the shootout again.
The third game was a 6-3 loss. AGB was in net and played well but penalties killed us. We lost the shootout by 1 goal. These Saskatchewan teams are tough.

Our last game is tomorrow. For 5th place. :-)

As for me, I've had a great weekend connecting with the parents. We had a great afternoon bowling with the boys and I found out from AGB that their "punishment" by their teammates for stealing all the towels was having their hands and feet duct taped and being tossed in a bath of ice water. After a parent reception at the arena, we gathered in the manager's suite. Karaoke was the first entertainment option and we enjoyed a dozen or more songs. One of the parents sang quite well, and of course hubby and I sing, so it was a good time.

I am completely blown away by what people will share with you. The singer was also a poet. The sweetest, kindest, softest-hearted dad used to be a drug runner. The most annoying man buys his wife the most thoughtful, loving gifts. The quietest dad is terribly hard on his kids. The most gregarious mom loves to hug her hockey boy, no matter who bugs her about it.

And I had a good conversation with my son at bowling. :-) I can go to sleep happy.

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