Saturday, November 01, 2008

Extended Autumnmmmmmmmmm

Could there be a more perfect day? The temperature is unseasonably balmy (16 celsius, 60 fahrenheit). It is comfortable like chicken soup and fresh baked buns. 

Last evening, Halloween was uneventful except for my Ninjason and his Peter Pan partner scavenging bagloads of treats from their mega-trek through the entire neighborhood.  

This morning, we slept in. I made smoothies, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Outside our kitchen window, we truly have a birds eye view. This visitor serenaded us with his friends as we brunched. 

It was a productive day. B and I cleaned up the yard. Now A is at a birthday celebration, B is at the football game, I am home writing and nesting, watching the sun set behind the mountains, listening to Chris Botti on the Bose. As soon as I publish this I will be tackling my "book sorting" project (to donate to the church library's used book sale) as the first step in getting the storage room prepped for it's transformation to the "games room." Then the hockey game for evening TV entertainment. Woohoo.

The extended autumn we are enjoying is a welcome balm after a disappointing summer (rain, cool temps, busy schedules, stressful workloads). We have been given sweet gifts. I was able to capture this sunset last week: God's artistry in sunsets, sweet sky and sizzling colour.

Yes, this day is one long MMmmmmmm. One great Gratitude.

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