Wednesday, December 24, 2008

At This Moment there is a Sunset Somewhere

This one was mine last week.


  1. Surprisingly, that picture could be taken right here in Richmond! the sky has been mostly cloud-free, making the surrounding mountains crystal clear, and the sun glistens off the fresh snow. Right now, it's falling thick, and we're snow-bound. Well, the church is closed and Christmas Eve service is canceled, so I'm willfully snow-bound. We haven't had this much snow in many years. Usually it's just slush this close to the river, but this time it's been dry snow. Wonderful! Not going to last long before the rain begins to wash it away, so we're making the most of it. Merry Christmas to you all!\Brad

  2. Except I'm guessing it wouldn't be minus 30 at your place...

  3. Indeed! Which only makes this brief window of snow more magical! Today was one of those perfect days. Time to read and relax and enjoy the kids and even do some neighborhood caroling. Time to go to bed...