Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Good thing we finished the Christmas lights yesterday. Unexpected flurries have been falling steadily since early this morning. Heavy and wet to shovel, the white finery makes lovely subject matter for the lens.

A beautiful contrast to Friday night's drive-by shooting which rocked our normally peaceful, quiet community. We were just returning from Rosebud Theatre and heard the report on the news. My heart was in my throat a little bit until we reached home and saw our son's car parked, unharmed, in the driveway. He had been driving home about the time of the shooting, but was unaffected and unaware of what had transpired. Our pastor spoke about it this morning. It happened on his street.

I'm so glad as we look forward to Christmas, we can reflect on "the light (that) shines in the darkness" and the glorious fact that darkness has not overcome this light.1

That leaves us lots of reasons to smile.

I also found a reason to laugh about the first blizzard of Calgary's winter: this article by Garrison Keillor. Funny stuff.

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