Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've Got Homework

I told myself today to stop thinking about writing and start taking care of my house piles. If not, I'll be going to Arf 'n' Bark School (ie. the doghouse).

And then I spend lunch with my writer friend, Susan, and she introduces me virtually to Lisa Samson (award-winning author of over 17 novels) and I go to Lisa's site and read an interview and see:

I learned to write by reading good writing. Period. And by reading primarily fiction from the time I began reading. There's just no shortcut. Oh yes! And I've learned to write by writing. I have a very low embarrassment threshold. The least bit of sentimentality or cliché makes me cringe. I'm blessed that way. Taking into serious consideration what my editors have told me has been key as well. And listening to what other writers have to say when I'm with them: taking for myself the advice that makes sense, pushing away the stuff that's just malarkey. That is to say, what may work for them may not work for me. It's really important for the artist who functions as a writer to have a good filtering system. If writing advice doesn't fit your artistic vision, it's okay to throw it out the window! So knowing what your vision actually is is the key to moving forward. ~Lisa Samson

So I can't justify being intimidated by other writers any more. I need to read. I need to write. I need to take care of my house piles (if you need a definition of that term, you don't have them).

So, bottom line? I want to be Lisa Samson when I grow up (in my own way). When asked why she writes, Lisa replied:
"So people will know they are not alone."

You're not alone. I'm in Arf 'n' Bark school with you. Falling, getting back up, coping with episodic depression, praying for mercy, trying to figure out love, asking God a ton of questions - most of which he declines to answer or says "Look in the Book. I already gave you those instructions."

You think perhaps The Book is one of my daily reading assignment?!


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