Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Pills

The hormone balancing supplements must be working. I am at peace. All is right in the world.

No, I'm not taking drugs or HRT. Just supplements. Herbal, natural, helpful. I'm also back to a balanced nutrition intake. Last week was not pretty. There was a party. Wine. Spinach dip. Nothing wrong with that in moderation, but it upset the balance and started cravings. I came home to left over Christmas snacks: chocolate, toffee, m&ms, bits n bites, and more. I ran out of my supplements. For a couple of days, I forgot to eat my vegetables, didn't drink my water and didn't take my vitamins.

My all or nothing tendencies won. I ate all I wanted. My mood dropped. Like a stone. You see, when my blood sugar is out of balance, so is my mood. Plus, I have the added burden of an incisional hernia. It becomes excessively uncomfortable when my digestive system tries to process junk food. And a high volume of food is disastrous. Painful.

Third time charm. I hope. Some time ago when trying to conquer procrastination, I promised myself that if I found myself putting something off a third time, I had to stop and action it immediately. Well, this is the third time since November 24 that I have gone away from the suggested food guide (low fat, low carb, low calorie). Every time, disaster. My family doesn't like me and I don't like my body.

Success story: I have lost 17 pounds. I certainly know how to lose weight. It's maintaining my body that is the challenge. Step by step: eat right, drink plenty of water, get enough rest. I've got the "eat right" list - I'm following it closely. When I do, I don't crave. Drinking water: helps fill you, cleanse you, detox, heal, suppress appetite, prevent headaches, aid in digestion and improve skin condition, just to name a few. For more reasons why you should drink water, go to Read the info, it's true, but don't fall for the sales pitch.

Now, I should sign off, because it's late and if I want to move to step 3: get plenty of rest, I'd better get started tonight.


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