Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like A Monkey in Your Face

Okay, bring the merlot and the Kleenex. It’s been an emotional day. I was awake into the wee hours editing a piece on Dachau and corresponding with a new friend in unspeakable circumstances. Up early to make lunch and see A off to school. Hosted the writers’ non-fiction critique group in the afternoon, picked up some personal items for my friend’s mom, took them to the northeast hospital where she’s been moved and stayed to visit. They let me sit in when the doctor came to discuss surgery risks. I will just hold that up to heaven with open hands and weak knees.

Tonight we had to sort a few things through as a family. Discussing expectations between parents and teens is like walking on lily pads. Tiptoe, dance, sink, swim. Plus, he’s stressed: working on the last of his end-of-semester assignments, prepping for final exams later this week and training for Provincial freestyle ski competitions this weekend. Hello, heaven? Can you add to my list?

B’s department at work has just had a significant change in reporting structure. Some vacant positions will not be filled, they must reallocate bodies and workload. Tension is high. He’s stressed. Umm, excuse me, Jesus, I forgot a couple of things.

I have a deadline I’m working on. I’m trying to eat healthy, prep for leading a small group study on the book of John and facilitate table discussion in the women’s Tuesday morning Alpha course. I’ve signed up for two writing classes: poetry and personal essay. And I need to transfer all my financial bookkeeping to the Mac from the old PC and keep my family in clothes, food and toilet paper. Help me, Holy Spirit – you know how to pray about these things – can you groan for me?

Sound like your life?

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