Monday, January 19, 2009

Never be too lazy to look up a word

Use the dictionary. Use it often. My dad instructed us to always be ready to look up the definition of a word. I think I have always been entranced by words. With the online dictionaries and even built in dictionary software nowadays, there is absolutely no excuse to gloss over a buzz word that means nothing to you when you read it. On my Mac, I simply right click with the cursor on the word and one of my options is "Look Up". Then I can choose dictionary or synonyms (and more). Or simply open in a new tab.

It is delightful to me to be able to learn something new every day. Like the "Increase Your Word Power" features in Readers' Digest, looking up definitions helps keep your mind sharp. For example, because of integrating my father's instruction into my daily habit, I have learned two new words already this morning: stentorian and coadjutor. I could tell you what they mean, but wouldn't you rather look them up?

Don't miss this chance to keep the synapses firing. Help prevent Alzheimer's. Use your brain.

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