Friday, May 15, 2009

Set Aside

Quietly I sit, take Tylenol every four hours. Try to find a comfortable position. Walk carefully to refill my water glass. Drink 6 glasses through the day. Try not to cough, get sabotaged by sneezes.


Recovery from abdominal surgery will take some time. Nothing strenuous for at least four weeks. Even then, i think I'll feel skittish about pushing myself too far.

I'm starting to feel old. Way before I am. Discipline and endurance in exercise and diet will make a long term difference but my emotions dictate too much. It would be so much more peaceful if I simply did what I know is right. Not that I intentionally do things wrong, but I indulge. Some foods are simply delicious.

And the exercise I love - hiking and swimming - are both prohibited until I recover. So I shall walk.

Pray for patience.

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