Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the wee small hours

I've escaped the beach.

It wasn't chasing me, but sitting there was addictive. Today the spell was broken by clouds obscuring my love affair with the sun.

I have commitments tomorrow. I'm darkening the door of my former employer to "volunteer." I will be using my InDesign skills to complete one of the weekly tasks that cannot be left undone in the incumbent's absence: the weekly bulletin.

I have other duties, too. Family. Bills. Laundry.

Besides, having a vacation alone is hardly something to celebrate. I didn't get much writing done (yet) but I did write more in five days than I've written the previous month (blog posts notwithstanding).

What I want is a vacation with my family. What I have is 2/3 of the family working and me vacationing alone. I have nothing more to say about that.

I will return to the beach with 1/3 of my family this weekend, hopefully, and if not, I will return Monday on my own. The sun needs me. :-)

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