Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Lord's Day

This weekend I was privileged to sing in the worship band for weekend services at my church. When I sing, I feel strong. No other activity satisfies my being so completely. God inhabits our praise; and we are changed.

After a great message about our identity in Christ (don't we all need to be reminded of where our true worth is found?) and a leisurely connection with several special people, I enjoyed a long lunch at De Dutch Pancake House. They were down to one grill, so everyone practiced patience while it took twice as long to prepare orders. A blessing in disguise, we redeemed the time with rare but good conversation between the adults and the teenager. Because love is patient, God opens our hearts to hear each other.

After we arrived home, my husband graciously allowed me to nap while he thoroughly cleaned the basement. Then together we tackled a big, slimy job which could no longer be postponed: cleaning the waterfall fountain. The fountain is a feature fixture on a prominent wall in our home. We acquired it because of its beauty, unaware of the level of maintenance it would require. We've gotten rather inventive about the mammoth task, using the combined weapons of CLR, scrubbing rags, the wet ShopVac and a garden hose. There is much noise and splatter and I am now nursing an injured thumb, but it is done and the waterfall gently trickles. I feel like I'm beside a mountain creek. When we apply ourselves to the duty of maintenance, we can enjoy the rewards of beauty.

This past week, I evaluated my commitments for the fall. My life must be defined by praise, patience and maintenance. I have withdrawn from two commitments and declined the invitation to two more, yet the schedule is still very full. My challenge is first to be a home manager - a job which comes with rather mundane and sometimes distasteful duties. Yet, it is my calling and commitment. Could it be that I need to complete these duties in an attitude of praise? What if I sing while I work? There will be no spotlights, no microphones, no crowd singing along. But the Audience is still present. The only One whose approval matters longs for me to look to Him. To be with me. Listening, watching, waiting to inhabit my praise; to dance me through my duties in His strength.

Every day can be the Lord's Day if I will simply choose to praise.

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