Thursday, October 01, 2009

Solution for the Energy Crisis: Living With Teenagers

Talk to the Hand
by Sue McMillan*

Paula Poundstone is a comedian and a mother. I always enjoy her comedic status updates on Facebook and today’s was so close to home, I thought I’d share the quote and the follow up comments from her Facebook friends.

Paula said:

“Why do we need oil, coal, or windmills? Can't we harness the power of the dramatic, despondent sighs of our teenagers?”


Or the energy of their angst and temper flares? And everything it takes out of them when the world is coming to an end.
-Jean Crankshaw

I tried but the wires kept falling off...and cabling them up in parallel just leads to ... liberties. –Fin Time

I only wish! Our energy crisis would be solved. -Howie Ledford

Unfortunately, no. Scientifically speaking, that energy is offset by physical lethargy and internal apathy. Known also as "moms are such a drag" phenomena. -Dennis Vander Houwen

Just my two kids alone could power the DFW metroplex for the next 3 years. -Jim Cardenas

I’ve nearly completed my Angst/Ennui Hybrid. -C. Todd Mccormick

PMS power could work...Less whining and no lethargy/apathy problems. Just pure anger and energy! -Jackie Hodes Belcher

The other problem, of course, is what powers those sighs in the first place? You have to keep that engine stoked with all the contents of your fridge. -Skip Mendler

And if we could harness the kinetic energy of the eye rolls…
-Bobbee Lyn Gerson

*Art by Sue McMillan. Print available for purchase here.

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