Monday, October 05, 2009

Some things get better with age

Well, knock me over with a feather. My eyes have improved.

I've worn glasses since age eight. At every exam my vision was worse. Terms like "near sighted" and "astigmatism" were tossed around like frisbees in the park. Five years ago my lenses were at their worst: coke bottle bottoms of .6 (diopter?) requiring very expensive high index imported lenses to make them light enough to sit gouge-free on my nose. In addition, progressive bifocals were also deemed necessary. Sigh. Kachink kachink. $$$

Two years later, my near-sighted vision improved slightly. Today, three years further along, it's even better. In five years, my eyes have moved from .6 to .45 - wow. The doctor says that is frequently the case for aging patients. I don't know what that means in technical terms, but I've decided getting old is not entirely a negative. Now if the senior's discounts would kick in on the cost...

Perhaps (dare I even hope?) the "eyes of my heart" are improving as well.

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