Sunday, November 01, 2009

Flames lose but I had a good time anyway

Team Mascot, Harvey the Hound and my hubby have a Halloween Hug.
Peggy's hair matches the C of Red


  1. cool. i'm a Leafs fan but i like the Flames a lot more than the Oilers and i seem to get a steady diet of Alberta games on tv.
    i've got to be honest though, i was cheering for the Wings in last night's matchup, but that's because i have Osgood on my fantasy hockey team.

  2. That's funny. He was pretty good last night. We needed more shots and better puck handling, among many other things.

    I shouldn't tell you but there were a couple people dressed up for Halloween at the game: wearing Leafs jerseys but wearing a shopping bag over their head.

    All in good fun.