Friday, December 04, 2009

No Bark and No Bite

My sweet furry friend, Bernadette, has visited the veterinarian for dental work. $800 later, she now has four less teeth and is moving very gingerly. She looks at me with eyes that say "I don't understand but I trust you."

She's finally sleeping, breathing with a quiet whine that whistles like a wheezy pipe organ and sounds like pain. She just hacked up some phlegm, her throat is sore and she "may cough" they tell me due to the tube down her throat.

But she gobbled her new soft food and hasn't thrown up. I managed to trick her into taking her antibiotics hidden in a "Pill Pocket" treat. So, I am grateful that she is still enough to rest and active enough for me not to worry.

Thanks for all of you who expressed concern and care for her.

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