Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Trip to Mt. Baker

He dreamed it. Ate, slept, talked, lived it. Mt. Baker. The record for the most snowfall in one year. Had to ski it. So... after several years of hearing the irregular ravings about how wonderful it would be to ski there, I finally caved in and agreed to take him.

Google Maps said it was just under 11 hours to drive. Straightforward. Get on Highway 1, go west to Abbotsford. Turn left. Follow winding mountain road to ski lift. Have a pile of fun.

And that is about the way it went.

Sort of.

We did have a pile of fun. The weather was mild. Up to 12 Celsius some days at the base, but always snowing on the mountain. The boys skied four days, I skied one. The snow was heavy and wet. Our accommodation and the amenities were comfortable, an idyllic setting: cedar/spruce forest beside a rushing river. At the rec building, I dominated in ping pong and totally shocked the boys with my expertise). We relaxed in the pool and hot tub, watched movies, played games. Laughed ourselves silly.

The trip back was challenging, with a sick son and road delays, we arrived home 3 hours late with a $500 broken window from a stray rock. Our other car was damaged by a driver losing control and running into it, the latest estimate of charges his insurance must pay is $7,500. Still I was at peace. We were alive, uninjured, together. The trip of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading this far. Just wanted to share my Christmas blessing.

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