Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lessons on Letting Go

The graduation dinner and dance was such a lovely evening. Beautiful young women. Handsome young men. Parents bursting their buttons with pride, delight and relief. Gorgeous weather. HUGE banquet hall (590 graduates and family members).

It was a wonderful surprise to have moms dance with their sons - to Josh Groban. Perfect. My son and I were as close when we danced as we have ever been. Rare. A treasure.

I was content, at peace, we got good pictures, everyone was happy, visited with friends old and new. Nothing awkward, no one embarrassed or irritated. Practically perfect party.

He headed off to the after-grad with his best buddy and his girlfriend. She would come for brunch the next morning.

I came home, loaded the pictures. The house went silent. I was finally alone.

Then I cried. 

I won't miss him any worse after he goes to school. I already miss him. He grew up about two years ago when he got his license. That's when empty nest began. Now he's ready to spread his wings and I'd never hold him back. I can't wait to watch him fly.

I'd just like to know how other parents have lived through the letting go. What's your experienced advice for smoothing that transition?

*Picture is a thumbnail proof. Final pics on order.

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