Sunday, August 15, 2010

Please Shine Down on Me

I am so in love with my mountains. Yes. Mine. Perhaps everyone can see them, but no one sees them like I do. Silent witnesses to my life, they are ever the same, ever changing, black silhouette against roaring orange sunset or cloud shrouded in thunderous rainstorms or brightening and glowing like a virgin bride rising under the glow of her adoring sun groom. My mountains. Want to come share the view?

The euphoria of having a full day of sun - and being out in it - must be getting to me. I am so grateful for rain that waters the earth and wind that cools my brow and clouds that shield me from constant heat. But I am so grateful they have finally gone away today and have let me soak in the warmth, totally unobstructed, finally, glorious, beautiful SUN.

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