Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Hummmmmm Bug

I have been dancing in the stores to some of the best Christmas music I have heard in many years. I should clarify, it wasn't really dancing... I don't dance. In fact, a good Christmas gift might be "Dancing for Dummies." Since I grew up in a home where dancing was verboten, my little jig in the shops was far more internal "jumping for joy" than external movement. In fact, the little toe shuffling, head bobbing and barely perceptible hip movement may well have looked more like someone trying to squirm out of uncomfortable foundation garments.

I don't dance.

I also don't shop. Not unless I absolutely have to. But I hum.

My life these days is a mix of beauty and chaos. I have been kept from dancing a dirge by some incredible friendships. Every interaction leaves me extraordinarily satisfied, even if it may just be chatting over dinner or while following a knitter (hunting yarn bargains) around Michaels or making fused glass or, best yet, letting everything spill and have a friend pick it up and tenderly brush it off and give my heart back to me whole.

The house is not humming. I've hardly been home. I've had appointments ranging from testing for a job to attending the church Christmas production and making the annual trek to the dentist. The current decor is an eccentric smattering of a little Thanksgiving, clashing with a couple Christmas poinsettias. Outdoor lights are still indoors. The coffin-sized Christmas tree box in the basement may as well be six feet under when the man of the house has a strained back and can't help lift. Christmas baking recipes are strewn on the kitchen table, as yet unbaked. Lights are burned out. Dishes are piling up.

And then I needed something fancy-sparkly to wear to hubby's Long Service Award Ceremony (30 years) and the adjacent holiday party. It's an all-day affair today beginning at 11 a.m. It's amazing how many delightful casual clothes I can find when I'm supposed to be looking for something dressy. I finally settled for something that "draws attention to my eyes" at 30% off. Did I mention that when I DO shop, I abhor paying full price? Then tonight I realized my brand new glittery outfit with my 2 year old dress shoes would be about as attractive as a poinsettia next to a pumpkin, so I ran out last night and grabbed  acceptable, relatively inexpensive shiny shoes just before the shoe warehouse's 9 p.m. close. Then I slipped into Wal-Mart for some antacid. Sigh.

What did I tell you? Chaos.

But I dance (or bounce or sway or shake the foundations) inwardly if not outwardly. I share music videos on Twitter and Facebook. Carollers in costume show up in the obscure little dress shop where I'm browsing. Coincidence? I think not.

And I hum.

Because I have so much for which to be grateful. And I'm reminded of what Christmas is all about by sister bloggers Kay and Evangeline and especially Ann. So even in my forced shopping, browsing and blog surfing, I'm humming along with the spirit of the season.

I guess in spite of not "being ready" for Christmas, I still managed to catch the "Hum" bug. How about you? What are you doing to get through this season without losing sight of the Source of every good and perfect gift?


  1. I love this Joyce...and I think I have caught the "hum" bug as well, seeing as how I have a sore throat and Nobody would want to hear me singing just now! Blessings to you and Congrats to your hubby on his tenacity award! Ulrike Grace

  2. Love the line 'outdoor lights are still indoors'.

    I like when Christmas becomes a way of living, when the giving is voluntary instead of kinda forced, and that giving is the pouring out of one's self to bless others (whether materially, spiritually, or simple kindness). I recognize it when I am 'truly gifted' by others and I hope I do the same. Christmas isn't a day, it's a reaction to an action. We love Him because He first loved us.