Sunday, March 06, 2011

Random Gifts and a Few Lucid Thoughts

A couple, with whom we have been friends for ages, gave us a reed diffuser which has been out since Christmas. Two days ago I turned the reeds over in the oil and refreshed the scent. Every time I walk by the living room, I think, "Mmm, that smells like baking, which I didn't have to do" and then I think of my friends and how nice it was of them to give me something that smells so great and reminds me of them every day.

My best friend - who kindly bullied me into making my writing public (and working to make it better) and inspired the beginnings of this blog - has a lovely alternate blog with quotes about writing which I read in its entirety tonight. I really love my friend.

I've been looking for work for six months. I've applied to at least one, often more, jobs per week and had a half dozen interviews which all went well and left me expectant. No job was delivered. I prayed a lot more than usual. This is a good thing. I began to wonder if I was barking up the wrong tree, aiming too low or thinking more highly of myself than I ought. I finally realized there is always work to be done. I may not be paid, but I can contribute in meaningful ways.

God is sovereign and waiting patiently for "the fullness of time" is an act of trust and worship.

On Friday afternoon, I received a phone call from a man, whose name I cannot yet pronounce, offering me a part time position in a nearby church. I believe it will be a place where I can contribute and serve wholeheartedly.

I have begun adding my gratitude to the list of #1000gifts now growing on Twitter. The objective is to see God's gifts in things small and large, to have eyes to see all things (and people) as God-sends. A book by the same title inspired the list. Reading the lists from others is a gratitude injection. I hope your weekend is full of new gift sightings!

"The secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt He is." 
~Ann Voskamp, Author: One Thousand Gifts
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  1. So happy to hear about the job! I hope it's all you expect and more!