Thursday, June 02, 2011

A la Carte - June 2

On the light side:
The Vancouver Canucks squeaked out a score in the last 20 seconds of a hard fought game against the Boston Bruins in last night's Stanley Cup Finals Game 1. I'm cheering for Vancouver for two reasons. First, because they are based in a Canadian city and nationalism calls for the Cup to come back to Canada after 18 years absence. It is Canada's game and the majority of players are Canadians. However, a quick tally of the opposing rosters shows that each team has an equal count of Canadian-born players: 17, more than all other nationalities combined. Second, I have several friends who are very avid Canucks fans, and who also "hate" my favorite team, the Calgary Flames and adopt the rule in cheering that they will cheer for ABC (Anyone But Calgary). In attempting to ensure my Christian faith extends into all areas of my life, I don't return evil for evil. I cheer for "their" team to show my friends I don't hold grudges and that our relationship is more important than sports loyalties.

On the challenging side:
Serena Woods takes a look at false humility in "The Mirror is a Liar." You might be surprised at the biblical view of true humility and how we practically live it out.

Michael Krahn questions the amount of time we sing worship songs about "me, myself and I" instead of the true object of our worship: God alone.

And over at (in)Courage, Ann Voskamp challenges herself (and all of us) with how real our faith can possibly be if we harbour unforgiveness, even toward our enemies. Some convicting evidence.

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  1. I guess Canuck fever has hit - even in the blogg-0-sphere! I too posted today about the Canuck win last night, trying to tie it into a post about 'Inspiration' :)