Thursday, November 22, 2012

Emerging New Artist

My husband and I just returned from Trinity Western University where we visited our son for his 20th birthday. He's in his third year there, a Psychology major with a minor in English.

Andrew is a third generation singer, songwriter and guitarist. With astonishment, I attended his band's EP/CD project launch later in a 100-year old heritage building. It was packed. He and his band played a short live show - the first time I have been able to see him publicly perform. The musical expertise and guitar playing were far beyond any expectations.

He and four others make up the band Two or Three and they will be in the recording studio next month. The digital download EP and physical CD follows first quarter of 2013 (update: see link below to purchase) and touring hopefully commences in the summer. It is a huge commitment and there are questions about PA systems and "Can we use your trailer for hauling equipment and sleeping?" It makes his mom's eyes leak and knees go weak while his dad's hand moves quickly to cover his wallet.

Yet I think we know how the Spirit moves us through music and to see our offspring become accomplished in their own creative and entrepreneurial ventures brings joy like nothing else.

Andrew wants to share his gifts. Would you consider purchasing his original music - a copy of his heart and soul? His music is probably closest to the indie-folk genre and seems to appeal to all ages.

Share the links and spread the word? Why should strangers be the only ones who make good music?!

Full disclosure: Yes, I'm the mom. But I'm also a critical musician with a degree in music. I both am incredibly proud and completely astonished at what our young man has accomplished with his band in terms of sound and artistic appeal. Don't take my word for it. Listen for yourself:

YouTube (videos)
My Space (The Bees Single)
Band Camp (preview and/or purchase the EP)

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