Sunday, October 23, 2016


Shalom: “the spirit that destroys chaos.”
What an amazing gift.

In the past week, I've lost shalom. It has become evident that I need to build more "margin" in my life again. Just as aging eyes require more light to read, an aging life requires more time to rest, reflect, repair. I've reached my capacity this week and on this day of rest, I count my blessings and number my days.

How do I engage? Let me count the ways:

  1. multiple writing assignments 
  2. working on a memoir
  3. taking a class (1 evening per week plus homework)
  4. assisting in choir (1 evening per week plus newsletters)
  5. and photo club (1 night per month plus Facebook group & field trips
  6. coaching women (one-half day+ per week plus meeing with individuals)
  7. attending hockey games (1-2 per week during home stands)
  8. caring for my home chores (as needed)
  9. arranging repairs on hail-damaged trailer (one time deal)
  10. meeting with my life group (1 evening per week)
  11. remembering to pray instead of worry about my son's recovery from concussion & whiplash 

So the fact that I forgot (and almost missed) a dinner engagement on Friday, nearly lost my temper with a Facebook commenter, then actually did lose my iPhone at the Saddledome last night just underscored the need to slow it down and make some extra space for reflection, relaxation and prayer; welcoming "shalom."

Anyone else identify?

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