Monday, October 23, 2017

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

There are a number of bumper-sticker quotes like the one in this picture. While I generally agree with what it says, the exact opposite type of person can sometimes be a conundrum that won't go away, even making it difficult to try to be our best selves. I'm more drawn to the idea of relationships being for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

I've had great conversations with total strangers whom I would never see again, who taught me nothing but we enjoyed the moment together. If you want to learn and grow and be present, you can find something for which to be grateful about every encounter.

Some people more readily serve as blessing-bringers. Others more readily teach you lessons (positive or negative). Sometimes both. Sometimes neither. Live is very rarely "all or nothing." I believe I can learn something from every person who intersects my path, even if it is just learning how to set a healthy boundary.

So I try to be as alert and present as I'm able to be in each moment, in each encounter. To move gently, listen more than speak, act in loving ways, to learn, to share, to grow, to give, to receive. To, above all, be whole-heartedly human.

When I posted the above on Facebook, here are a few responses:

"We may not always meet and interact with people for our benefit. We may meet for theirs. We may never know." ~Anna-Marie

"I've always felt encounters are like the flowers in a garden, some only blossom briefly, others blossom year after year. But all bring joy and a bright spot to my life. Now my job is to blossom to bring joy to others!" ~Elaine

"I fall in love with strangers all the time - you know what I mean? Something in them is a certain je ne sais quoi and I identify or I desire that quality. I remember an elderly English man at the checkout at (the grocery store) and he was kind and charming to everyone around and I just wanted to take him home for the way he made me feel." ~Melora

In response to Melora, Cathy writes, "I know exactly what you mean! I've met people, while travelling, or just crossing paths briefly, and I know we would be great friends in different circumstances."

What's your experience? Are there more things would you add or change?

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