Wednesday, January 17, 2024

One Word 2024

One Word 2024:

It’s taken me a while to hear what’s been rising as a focus for 2024. Doing this in previous years brought me words like: good, depth, trust, love, heal, listen. 

The One Word challenge was originally created by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page, the authors of “One Word that Will Change Your Life.” The idea behind one word is “to overcome distractions and bring more focus, purpose, commitment and success” in the coming year. 

Overcoming distractions is a significant challenge for me. This past year, as some of you know, I was officially diagnosed (finally!) with the ADHD I’ve had my whole life. I have realized numerous benefits from adding medication into the  wholistic healthcare approach I’d already been practicing: healthy nutrition, enjoyable exercise, necessary vitamins and supplements (since early 2012); therapy (since 1994); education, service, and spiritual practices (since childhood).

During 2023, both solitude and community were places of stunning revelation.

In community, I was stretched, challenged; collaborative partnerships for service were formed, and I gained an expanded perspective on our complex societies and this fragile earth.

In solitude I heard my own voice, defined preferences, acknowledged longing, made way for joy, recognized lack, cultivated playful creativity, purged some foolishness, sought wisdom, and discovered  contentment. 

In bringing all this to my Creator—who is, to me, the very essence of love, truth, and beauty; the origin of humanity, nature, and the universe—I begin to scratch the infinite surface of why I am here. 

Because I want to engage all this with even more intention, my One Word for 2024 is “communion”. 

Not “Communion” as in “the Eucharist” but rather an alternate use of the word from Oxford Languages: the act of sharing or exchanging intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on an intellectual and/or spiritual level.

As I set goals, engage in new projects, and schedule my days, I will apply this word as a criteria: “Will this help me to commune with myself, others, or God in ways that bring more focus, purpose, commitment or success?” 

Stay tuned. Share your thoughts.

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