Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My world is changing

They began draining the pond behind our cul-de-sac today. It sent me into the grieving process. Anger, denial, bargaining, resignation, but not acceptance. No sir. Sure, it's private land and the owner is entitled to do what he chooses with his property. But when the sale of the land to a development corporation directly affects the neighbors, social responsibility is also a consideration.

The community Realtor says it won't affect my property values because I don't back onto the pond. In fact, says the community association president, once the light industrial development construction is finished, the $100,000,000 addition to the community should raise our property values.

It may not affect my house value, but it will affect my quality of life. No longer will I hear the honking of migrating geese settling on the pond, nor will I see the beautiful glow of the sunrise reflecting off the water making pond and sky one glorious canvas. No longer will I enjoy walking the dog along the edge of the water, skipping stones and listening to the gentle ripple of tiny waves caressing the bank.

Progress is sometimes the enemy of peace. Lafarge, that huge multi-national corporation, needs a place to put all the fill they are removing from the Macleod-Glenmore interchange. The pond is the perfect place. After all, it was man-made to begin with, so why shouldn't man un-make it? And think of all the businesses to whom they can market this prime office/bay space that can be built on top of the fill that replaces the pond.

Oh there are benefits. We'll finally get a second exit out of the community and our drive to church will be much shorter. But then anyone can drive through - traffic will increase. And crime with it? Right now you have to have a reason to bother coming into the community. One way in, one way out.

Just another gentle nudge that this world is not my home and I dare not get too comfortable here. Heaven gives us glimpses of what's to come. The five years of beauty I enjoyed from the simple pond was a glimpse. I'll just have to look elsewhere for them now.

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