Saturday, November 19, 2005

False Faces

We wear masks. We change them for whatever or whomever is thrown at us. It is nearly unheard of to be able to truly live out of the genuineness of who we are deep inside. Not that we are not truthful, we just simply protect ourselves and try to be the people we think will get us what we think we need. If I highly honor transparency, and I do, this is an unpalatable situation, as transparency often brings rejection.

I finally found a book that addresses it in a way that validates me. Check out "The Sacred Romance" chapter 7. I couldn't get into the first six chapters but for someone in the artistic world, chapter 7 is the pot of gold. Hopefully the rest of the book will be the same. Transformational.

God loves me. My true self. He doesn't love me to show what a good guy he is, he loves me because he wants me. I was created for relationship and God is the be all and end all of that.

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  1. I LOVED The Sacred Romance, but you already know that :)