Sunday, December 11, 2005

For Art's Sake!

AmazingActorMan has been in a production this week. It has consumed most of his time and much of his life the past 3 months. He's very good. The show is quite entertaining and well received. I admire his ability to continually deliver a top notch performance with the consistency and tenacity it requires. He is still, on the last day, reviewing his part and continuing to practice his lines.

Another ActorFriend tells me the origins of the word "actor" are born out of the same root as hypocrite. "actor, from hupokrnesthai, to play a part, pretend."

He pretends to be someone else's husband, someone else's son, someone else's father. While his own wife, mother and son happily watch and proudly applaud, they (or I at least) can't quite articulate the sensation of living the dichotomy.

The question is, since he can invest so much time perfecting his part in a show, could he also invest the same time and effort in real life? Can one do both at the same time?

I want to understand what motivates that level of performance and what drives him to give it voluntarily. I want to know if it is possible to re-create that kind of motivation in the reality of day to day life when people aren't always patting you on the back for the amazing job you're doing.

So many people do amazing things every day and no one notices. Yet I can't help but wonder if we all don't sense in some small way how amazing we actually are and our hearts break that no one else seems to see it.

Let me help be the applause that motivates amazing results.

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