Sunday, December 11, 2005

There's a deer in my driveway

She had been in my back yard, but I only realized she'd been there by the hoof marks in the fresh snow I had to shovel.

I caught her last night. At least my headlights did. Slowing just enough not to spook her, I guided her back in the direction of the dark and the freedom of the green space beyond. She was in no hurry. She seemed to want to linger in the glow of the Christmas lights, or perhaps it was easier pickings to nibble the remaining greenery not yet buried by snow in my flower bed.

Late at night, when walking the dog, I often wonder if the shadows are the deer - too elusive to be sure. All summer long, they move in the shadows, keeping their distance. At twilight I sometimes see them bounding to find cover, to find food. One dreadful night I heard one find the coyotes. And they finished her.

Something like the bad dream of our pond disappearing and the geese with it. Wondering how much the encroaching development will chase away from the shadowy green spaces. Will I still have deer in my driveway this time next year?

I think I shall put that on my Christmas list.

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