Sunday, April 23, 2006

Building a Basic Wardrobe

Since I am within 10 pounds of my suggested healthy weight, I was at The Bay today, picking up a black suit jacket to go with the black skirt I got at Sears yesterday. I happened upon the last day of a 30% off sale (my favorite label) and found not just a jacket, but matching slacks AND a navy top to go with the pants I also found at Sears yesterday. When I went to pay, the salesperson cheerfully announced the discount and then gave me an additional "scratch and save" card (also for my favorite label).

"It's the last day of the sale, and the last day for scratch and save!" she beamed.

I scratched and read: "Win $250 wardrobe from (label)"

"What does this mean?" I inquire, as in my view of THE RULES OF LIFE #13: "Scratch and Save cards never allot more than the minimum possible winnings."

My beaming salesperson cheered. "You've won! You're the first winner this week!" She meant in the past seven days but since Sunday is the first day of the week, it would still be true and apparently they had only had 4 winners of any kind in the two week scratch card event. Thus, I had indeed won a $250 credit toward my purchase.

After dutifully completing the skill testing math question in my head and double-checking it with my calculator, filling out all my personal information on a badly photocopied release form, talking to two supervisors, being made a spectacle by one who shouted outloud for anyone in the vicinity to hear that I had won while shaking my hand vigorously and helping me find one more item to total more than $250 after discounts, it took nearly 30 minutes for staff to figure out the proper procedures to award the prize to me instantly since it had to be redeemed today.

So I have a lovely polkadot blouse to go with my black suit. :-) And it only cost me time.

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  1. How absolutely fabulous for you!! I'll bet you look stunning too.

    Now, you can make this one of your ten simple pleasures - a meme for which I've tagged you :) (Or not, if you don't wish to.)