Monday, April 24, 2006


Some of my dearest friends struggle with the same issues I do. I don't necessarily believe they struggle in the same manner or for the same reason. Perhaps it is the common thread of humanity that we will all fear and struggle to some degree.

My current struggle is this: how to continue with the dramatic changes I have made in my life and still maintain healthy and open interactions and loving relationships with those of my friends who are in a completely different place. I do not want to apply my standards to anyone else. They are mine to follow and mine alone.

One friend on the same journey said "I don't want to be a poster girl for weight loss." Yet because my body appearance has changed so drastically because of the choice to maintain a healthier lifestyle, those I encounter not only notice, compliment and comment, they also compare.

Peope have revealed so much about their own journey as they observe mine. They tell me to stop. They confess their own failure. They become defensive. They avoid the subject.

Here's a proper poster girl: I want to live my life in a way that will point others to God because of the right choices I am making under His leadership. [1]

Lord let my light shine on you, not me.

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