Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blessing in Chaos

If you already read this you'll perhaps be interested to know that Day 1 of the carpet install went smoothly, but I don't consider arriving at 9 and leaving at 3 a "full day's work." I also don't think that Trading Spaces truly does complete their work in a 2 day period. It's not humanly possible. Unless there are hundreds of people helping off camera like Debbie Travis' Facelift.

Hubby is worried that they won't be able to finish tomorrow (actually based on my time, it would be later today), yet I understand they are only booked for a 2-day install, so if not tomorrow, then we're in big trouble.

The house feels like it's in chaos, but I'm seeing it as an opportunity. I get to paint the office when it's empty (tomorrow). The movers will move the piano back to its rightful place and reinstall the washer/dryer so I can take care of Mt. Washmore. I'll rebuild A's loft bed (only 10 bolts) while the paint dries. Then 100 or so trips later by B & I, all the items will be back in the proper rooms.

The blessing is that B & I have had several very good conversations in the process of spending so much time working together. We even went out to pick paint together.

For those that must know, paint color is Ralph Lauren's "Hampton Court" from the "Naturals" collection. Carpet color is "Mushroom" in Sears Integrity Stainmaster. We had 60 colors to pick from. I'm sure ours is the most neutral on earth.

Another blessing, is of course, new carpet and underlay. It feels impossibly plush under our feet. Blessing 3 is the opportunity to go through and pare down, blessing others with items we no longer need.

Anybody want a roll top desk, computer desk or armoire?

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  1. Did you get it done!? And now you get to go on holiday - lucky, blessed you!! Have a great one - I'm sure by this point you'll know you have earned it.