Monday, June 12, 2006

Coincidence? I think not!

Yesterday the dreaded question arose from B: "So, do you ever think you might go back to work?"

This is a very complicated issue. I won't bore you with it here.

My reply: "It would have to be something I'm passionate about, and important enough that we would give up the benefits of me being home in exchange for a small financial increase."

I'm thinking, of course, that no such job exists.

I'm at the point of backing away from any thought of outside employment. Actually, a more accurate description would be: "I'm at the point where I would run screaming at the thought of committing to someone else's agenda."

Yet, I have lived long enough to know that if B suggests a particular course of action, whether or not I agree, my responsibility to to prayerfully consider taking that path in honor of his leadership in our home. He is accountable to God for how he leads. I am accountable for how I respond.

So, today, by chance(?), I just "happened" to run into two friends discussing the possibility of a new position being proposed in the area of my greatest passion.

Rock my world. Perhaps such jobs do exist. Now I'm really nervous.

I will wait in prayer and anticipation for word as to whether the job actually is created and whether it would be a mutual fit with my skills and their need. I will also look for God's clear direction that it is His will.

A job offer would be a fairly good indication....

I like what Neil Anderson says about God's will: read an excerpt here.

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